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Number of women that are pregnant found in U.S. with Zika virus triples

The number of women that are pregnant in the usa infected with Zika virus is suddenly tripling, because of a change in the way the government is counting cases. Previously, officials experienced reported how many obat hernia and celana hernia women that are pregnant got both Zika symptoms and great blood tests. Friday in a transformation announced, the Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance will count all girls who tested positive whether or not they showed symptoms.

Nowadays there are 157 women that are pregnant infected with Zika in the 50 states, up from 48 situations last week. Another 122 women that are pregnant with Zika have already been reported in U.S. territories which includes Puerto Rico. But those numbers may underestimate the true extent of the condition still. Only women that are pregnant who are examined for Zika virus disease are included, thereby possibly underestimating the prevalence of an infection and outcomes among all women that are pregnant, the CDC stated in the survey. Some states are as well not contained in the current report, so there can be missed circumstances. The CDC explained it's crucial for local healthcare providers to report conceivable cases in women that are pregnant to health division officials.

President Obama received a briefing over the Zika virus today and called about Congress to approve financing to help fight the condition. Zika could cause a birth defect named microcephaly, where babies will be born with unusually small heads, and other serious mind abnormalities. Recently published studies indicate that some women that are pregnant with laboratory proof a recent Zika contamination but without symptoms possess sent infants with these defects.

The agency had counted only penyakit hernia pada wanita those that had suffered symptoms partly over concerns that one kind of bloodstream test is too susceptible to giving a false positive test result if a female was infected with a several but similar virus. Up to now all of the conditions reported in the U.S. have already been linked to travel and leisure in Latin America or different areas where Zika is extra widespread, or even to sexual get in touch with a person who traveled. But overall health officials say mosquitoes tend to get started on spreading the virus within america this planting season or summer.

If we have persons who are infected here, who've the Zika virus here, it's only a subject of time before we've local pass on, said CBS Media medical contributor Dr. Holly Phillips. They receive bitten by a mosquito, the mosquito then simply bears the Zika virus and may spread it to somebody here within america locally. Because Zika can be spread through sex, couples should work with condoms and postpone pregnancy if indeed they may have been subjected to the virus. The CDC says for women who've been possibly exposed, they should postpone on pregnancy for eight several weeks," Phillips said.

President Obama offers requested $1.9 billion in funding to combat the Zika virus in the U.S., but up to now obat perangsang wanita the home and Senate possess favored small spending packages. The funding would support purchase local mosquito eradication work and essential medical exploration. "Among the priorities of financing is to develop an easy and accurate test which can be accessible," Phillips said.

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